Monday, 18 March 2013

Dating Advice for Men from a Woman

Men can make many researches about women and from the result; they can suggest their buddies about how to date a woman. However, no one understands women like the woman herself. Hence, if you always crazy to read woman’s mind, you need to read the dating advice for men from a woman so you know what she really wants from you. You know that woman usually make obscurity in every word she says. The point is to make it clear about what you should do and should not do.

Dating Advice for Men: What You Should Do

Dating Advice For Man

      1.       Be a good listener and show her that you have heard her. You need to try hard listen to her without making interruption. You must know that no one like to be interrupted when talking. When she gives you a time to make comment to what she says, make it a brief comment, and let her continue to talk. To show her that you hear what she says, you need to keep an eye contact to show you interest. If you look away when she talks, she will think that you are not serious with her.

      2.       The most important dating advice for men if you want to make your woman happy is using your heart. You must familiar with a saying that men are all about brain while women are all about heart. To touch her heart you need to use your heart. Compliment may sound corny and woman will hate it so much but if the compliment comes from your heart that you really love her hair or you love her new earring, it means a lot to her, especially she will love that you notice she have something new on her look. If you must say “no” to your woman, if it comes from your heart, the impact would be different than if you say “no” just because you think is it not suitable for her. Feel it first with your heart before you think.

      3.       Hold the door. easy to say, easy to make, and you do a hundred times a day. Do not give or make a show of it, just keep the door open and let the lady go through the first door. You will be surprised at the results. There is one exception: if it is a revolving door, you must go through the first that these women can follow you without the effort of pushing the door.

     4.         Be polite. It seems that I should not even have to say, but here goes: be polite! This is something you should do anyway. Always say "please" and "thank you", be respectful to your elders - especially if elderly people in question are your future in-laws! Call older "Sir" men until they specifically tells you to stop.

      5.       Open the car door. Surely you've heard. "When a man opens the car door for a woman, you can be sure it's the car or the woman who is new" Well, do not let not happen to you! Opening the car door is a polite, respectful thing to do, always appreciated, that does not take the thought and effort less.

      6.        Be on time. When you have a date, try to be on time, even if you have to wait 30 minutes while your date finishes getting ready. Being fashionably late might work at a dinner, or if you are a head of state, but it will not work with your date. Be respectful of their time and yours.

Dating Advice for Men: What You Should Not Do

Actually, there are so many things that you should not do in front of a woman or behind her but there are two don’ts you must pay attention as dating advice for men. The first is do not talk too much and be cool. It is not that you should keep your mouth shut but do not drown her with your voice. Ask questions, tell about yourself, but do not talk more than her. The second don’t is do not become a needy person and play sympathy card since a pity boy will not get the girl.

And finally: Do not swear. Swearing, or even slightly in the way, is never appropriate. It makes you look like a rube classless.

So there you have it. 8 advice, very simple to do that will make you look and feel like a gentleman things. If you stick to them for a while, you'll soon make them unconsciously, and then you will be really a gentleman!



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